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Top 5 Gas Saving Tips for Fort Collins Drivers

With gas prices in Fort Collins rising and fluctuating wildly, everyone is looking to cut corners. Whether they drive a hybrid or an SUV, even the simplest things can decrease fuel efficiency in their vehicles, which in turn increases the amount of gas used. Keeping in mind a few tips will help drivers decrease fuel costs and lower overall gas consumption.

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Slower Speeds save on Gas

The aerodynamic drag on a vehicle increases exponentially with speed. Not only is driving within the legal speed limits safer, but it also provides better fuel efficiency. A vehicle going 55 mph can get from 15 to 20 percent better gas mileage than if it were going 65 to 70 mph. Leaving a little earlier and driving a little slower can improve gas mileage over time and reduce fuel costs.


Optimal Tire Pressure saves Gas

Under-inflated tires are one of the most common causes of decreased gas mileage. An under-inflated tire has more resistance, forcing the engine to work harder and use more fuel. Tires lose pressure over time and during cold weather and should be checked at least once a month. The optimal tire pressure is different for every vehicle and can be found in the owner's manual and on the inside of the driver's side door jamb.

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Proper Vehicle Maintenance will Save on Gas Mileage

When vehicles don't run well, they use more fuel. Regular tune-ups and checks of filters, fluid levels, and tire and suspension alignments can prevent problems before they start. Bent wheels or axles, bad shocks, or other malfunctioning parts can create resistance and increase the workload for the engine and decrease gas mileage. Proper maintenance of vehicles will give them the best possible opportunity for fuel-efficiency.

Steady Car Acceleration

Aggressive acceleration wastes fuel and puts a strain on the engine. Using a moderate, steady acceleration and gradual braking can increase fuel economy by as much as 20 percent. Efficient, sensible driving is also safer for others on the road. Various driver-feedback devices on the market claim to help people drive more efficiently and improve their fuel economy.

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Decrease Vehicle Use

The best way to save gas is to obviously not drive at all. That may not always be an option, but most people can choose to use their vehicle less as Fort Collins is a bike-friendly town. Other alternate transportation such as trains, buses, or carpooling will decrease individual vehicle use and save fuel costs. For closer destinations, walking or biking are healthy alternatives to driving. Consolidating errands into one trip will help save gas by using the vehicle when it's warm. A cold engine uses more fuel, so the more a person can accomplish while the vehicle is warm, the less fuel will be used in the long run. Always consider whether the trip and the drive are necessary.

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Gas prices can be horrifying, but those who keep these five simple tips in mind may not have to visit the gas station as often. Sensible driving, proper maintenance, and judicious vehicle use can go a long way toward increasing a vehicle's fuel economy, saving the driver's hard-earned money and reducing overall gas consumption.

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