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Auto Repair by Certified ASE Mechanics

  • Brake system repair: When the brake light comes on or when braking feels off, you likely need repairs. Our experts will check and repair your brake pads, lines, hoses, fluid, calipers, and master cylinder. 
  • Engine repair: A check engine light may indicate many potential problems, from worn spark plugs to clogged filters. We will perform complete diagnostics to ensure the issue gets fully resolved. 
  • Air conditioning repair: Stale and unpleasant air or noisy operation means your air conditioning system needs an inspection. Experienced technicians can find refrigerant leaks that may be causing these issues, saving the compressor from wear. 
  • Electrical system repair: Your vehicle's electrical system is very complex and integral to its safe operation. Come to our auto shop for accurate diagnosis and repair of any electrical problems. 
  • Fuel system repair: A properly functioning engine requires the fuel filters, lines, and injectors to be in good condition. The Fort Collins auto repair professionals at Weston Automotive will guarantee that your fuel system is working as it should.
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Auto Repair Services That Work with your Schedule

  • Cooling system repair: The cooling system keeps your engine from overheating. An ASE-Certified technician can fix hose leaks, repair faulty thermostats, and perform radiator flushes to prevent more expensive engine repairs. 
  • Suspension repair: Suspension components like springs, shocks, struts, bushings, tie rods, and ball joints can become worn over time. Having these components repaired or replaced will keep you driving smoothly and safely. 
  • Transmission repair: In addition to regular fluid flushes and filter changes, fluid leak repairs will help prevent transmission failure. Our skilled technicians perform a thorough inspection with each transmission service. 
  • All-wheel drive repair: Unusual vibrations and excessive noise when turning or switching gears may signify an issue with your AWD system. After quality expert repairs, you will be able to continue driving confidently. 
  • Exhaust repair: Exhaust blockages, leaks, and corrosion need repair before they lead to even costlier damages to your catalytic converter. Your engine warning light will let you know that something is wrong.
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Free Inspections & Auto Repair Estimates

At Weston Automotive, our professionals use factory and original equipment parts to perform your auto repairs.  We use the same tools and equipment as the dealership to maintain your vehicle while saving you money.

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